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To Manfred Reyes Villa

Gobierno Departemental de Cochabamba

Plaza 14 de Septembrre Acreca Norte 243



Dear Sir,

We are writing to protest in the strongest possible terms at the arrest and prosecution of Mr. Adam Ziemkowski, a USA national. Mr. Ziemkowski is currently on a US international scholarship in Bolivia, a ‘Full Bright Scholar’.

As you know he has been charged with sedition and inciting violence despite carrying leaflets when arrested from a group, which he was using for his research, which were protesting against violence and repression in Cochabamba.

The arrest of Mr. Ziemkowski, and his threatened prosecution is a blatant attack on democratic and human rights. If continued it will reflect extremely negatively on yourself and the Bolivian authorities. We intend to take this matter further and expose these undemocratic measures internationally unless these charges are dismissed.

We therefore urge you to dismiss all charges against Mr. Ziemkowski and allow him to continue his research in Bolivia in a democratic and free manner.


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