Money for Refugees, not for the rich!

Hungarians and Refugees together against the politics of Orban and the EU

Refugees are fleeing from war, poverty and persecution. Orban but also the other governments in the EU attack them, trying to use a “divide and rule” tactic to consolidate support because they are not confident that the current economic growth will last. But the truth is: Refugees are not responsible for unemployment and social problems in Hungary. The war is at least partially the result of the western military interventions in the Middle East. At the same time war is very profitable for big companies, some of which also even trade with Isis. It is big companies, that exploit the working people in Hungary. And it is Orban and his gang who attack the trade unions, the public sector workers and the social system. Orban and his racist politics play the old game of "divide and rule". Jobbik and other far right or Nazi-Organisation make it even worse. But the other European governments are not much better. The political leaders do not only not help refugees but try to build the Fortress Europe.

On the other side is the helpfulness of the "normal" people, young people, workers, pensioners, manly by people who themselves do not have much.

There needs to be an emergency plan to both help the refugees. But this must not be at the expense of ordinary working people. The big companies and rich should pay for the results of the crisis that their international policies have caused. The refugees are fleeing from the Middle East but not one EU government demands that the hugely rich feudal elites ruling most Middle East countries use their immense wealth to help the refugees. The Middle East elite’s wealth in Europe should be seized to pay for looking after the refugees from their regimes.

We must organize ourselves:

  • For democratic self-organization of refugees!
  • For democratic self-organization of the people who are helping together with refugees. Build support groups in schools, in the areas, together with colleagues and trade unions!
  • Help is political. It's not just to fill the gap that the policy leaves, but in the longer term to achieve a human refugee policy!

Our "natural" allies in the struggle for a humane refugee policy are not bourgeois politicians. ALL parliamentary parties are supporting the horrible logic of capitalism. Shop Stewards, trade unions, classmates and people who help refugees and other vulnerable groups - together with them we have to organize ourselves and become active.

There is enough money:
Houses are empty for speculation. The rich are getting richer. Orban made sure that his friends earn a lot of money. At the same time the income of working class people is dropping, poverty is rising.
The capitalists want us to pay for their crisis. And they use refugees to divert attention from their responsibility for this situation.
Europe, but Hungary as well, are rich enough to pay for a job and decent housing for everyone. But the economy and big money is in the hands of a small elite. An elite, that has its political representation with the ruling parties - including Orban.
We need a movement to get the country’s wealth from the rich and use it for housing, investments in health, social services, education and a better life for all, including a human refugee policy.
Capitalism constantly generated refugees as well as poverty in this country. Instead of this capitalist system that is geared to profit interests of a few, we need a democratic, socialist society that is based on the needs of all people for housing, jobs and security.
Fight with us for refugees' rights and against the madness of capitalism!

The CWI is an international socialist organisation which is active in about 45 countries all over the world. Also in Hungary, a real socialist organisation, based on the principle of working people democratically controlling their own lives, has to be built. We want to invite you to do that together with us!

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