Socialist detained in Nigeria - we demand the immediate release!

We have been made aware that 3 members of Movement for a Socialist Alternative (MSA, ISA in Nigeria) have been detained by the police. We demand the immediate release of 1. Daniel Babatunde Akande (Publicity Secretary), Bilal Dakiyak Abdullahi and Abdullahi Mohammed. 

We urge everyone to send letters of protest to the nigerian embassy in Vienna:

Website Movement for a Socialist Alternative (MSA):



 We Demand Immediate Release of Our Detained Members

We Vow to Intensify Campaign Against Housing Crisis in Abuja


As members of the undersigned pro-people organizations in Abuja, we are outraged by the continued detention of three of our members at the Kurudu police station. Daniel Babatunde Akande, Bilal Dakiyak Abdullahi, and Abdullahi Mohammed have been held since  Friday, June 14, 2024, in a blatant display of police brutality and harassment. This means that our members have spent more than 72 hours in detention for bailable case. We frown at this disregard for their fundamental human rights.

Their arrest is a clear case of victimization and intimidation, stemming from a landlady-tenancy dispute that has already been resolved in court. The police have chosen to side with the landlady, ignoring the assault perpetrated by her thugs and instead arresting our members on trumped-up charges.

This incident is a stark reminder of the housing crisis in Abuja, where tenants face terrible conditions in the hands of house owners. Today in Abuja, many tenants and house owners have been driven away by estate developers who often use the police to enforce their tyranny.  This is because housing has been placed in the hands of private profiteers who chase poor people off their lands and houses to build big estates which poor people cannot afford. We resolve to intensify our campaign against the housing crisis in FCT, and we will not be silenced by the detention of our members.

We demand the immediate release of our members and dropping of all charges against them. We also demand an investigation into the conduct of the police officers involved in this case.

This campaign is not just about the release of our members, but also about the rights of tenants and workers in Abuja. We will continue to organize and mobilize until we achieve affordable housing, decent working conditions, and an end to police brutality.

Join us in solidarity and demand the immediate release of our members. Make calls and send messages of appeal and protest to the numbers listed below:


- Commissioner of Police, FCT: +2348033279180

- Stephen Yohanna, DCO: +2348028117628

- Dogo Labari, IPO: +2348039769095



1. Adaramoye Michael Lenin, Coordinator, Democratic Socialist Movement, Abuja. 

2. Salako kayode publicity Secretary Revolutionary socialist movement

3. ⁠Omole Ibukun, for Creative Change Centre (C4)

4. ⁠Comr Gerald O Katchy for Committee for the Defence of Human Rights CDHR 

5. Idris Yahaya (Activista Nigeria)

6. Comr. Blessing Ese Yusuf - FIWON chairperson FCT Abuja

7. Ismaila Tukura for Movement for a Socialist Alternative, Abuja.


(08137051249, 07035225037)


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