SLP-Wahlprogramm auf Englisch

English version of SLP election demands

Socialism instead of capitalist chaos!

Fight against unemployment and low paying jobs!
  • Shorter working hours with full compensation of pay!
  • A living minimum wage of 1700,- euro before taxes
  • Decent affordable housing - nobody should have to pay more than 10% of income for rent!
Fight against the Freedom Party and deportations!
  • Equal rights for everyone living in austria!
  • Natives and immigrants:  fight together for jobs and higher wages - for everybody!
Fight against discrimination against women!
  • Equal pay for equal work without exception!
  • For the right to free abortion in every hospital as well as  free contraception!
Fight corruption and privileges of politicians and the rich!
  • For an average wage for politicians!
  • The working class should have open access to the finance records of big business and the capitalist parties!
Fight against corporate politics!
  • 10 Billion Euro for education, health and social services
  • Instead of mass lay offs: nationalise the big corporations!
  • No cuts to public services!